Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Greece, Egypt agreement 'unethical': Turkish party head

August 12, 2020.

Greece's controversial move last week to sign a maritime delimitation agreement with Egypt, while also sitting for talks with Turkey in Germany, is unethical, said a Turkish political party leader Wednesday, according to the turkish news agency 'Anadolu'.

Turkey's internal and external problems have intensified, said Devlet Bahceli, head of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), in a written statement.

Turkey in Mediterranean to stay

Bahceli accused "those who want to isolate Turkey from [...] the Eastern Mediterranean" of also trying to cut Ankara off from Lebanon.

Greece is in a hostile approach, but Turkey is not afraid to retaliate, Bahceli said.

"No one can remove Turkey from the Mediterranean. We aren't giving up a single stone of our 780,000 square kilometers of land and we'll never give up a single drop of our 460,000 square kilometers of Blue Homeland."

Turkey's seismic research ship, the Oruc Reis, "will always protect our rights in the Mediterranean. If anyone comes against Turkey, they'll face retaliation", he added.


Turkey won't give up on Blue Homeland

Greece is acting in violation of the Lausanne Agreement and acting against the unarmed status of the Aegean islands, according to Bahceli. "Greece should retreat from the islands and rocks, which it invaded illegally. It should disarm the islands and stop its provocations in the Mediterranean."

"The maritime, air and land disagreements between Greece and Turkey should be resolved through diplomacy. Solutions within international law and neighbor countries' rights can yield results. Turkey cannot give up on its Blue Homeland and turn its back on its own jurisdiction area," he said.

Ankara's sovereignty will always be defended and Greece and Egypt should reconsider their so-called agreement and partnerships, Bahceli added.

He said that Turkey was increasingly being surrounded by a ring of fire, with the situation in the Southern Caucasus becoming more complex and post-election unrest erupting in Belarus due to "foreign pressure."

"While all these happen in foreign politics, there are efforts to harm Turkey and Syria's, as well as Turkey's and Lebanon's, brotherhood," he added.

"Turkey is an independent state. If we cannot protect our rights, we will lose our national dignity. Our party will do everything in its power to support this purpose," Bahceli said.