Friday, September 25, 2020

Israel unveils new sea-to-sea missile system- video

Sept 25, 2020.

The Israeli Navy conducted a successful test with its new sea-to-sea missile system developed by its aviation industries.

“This system will ensure the superiority of the IDF in the maritime domain,” said the Israeli army spokesman, Avichay Adraee.

Adraee said, “A series of pre-planned experiments have been conducted to examine the readiness of the new system, as the system has more accurate offensive capabilities and has the ability to reach a longer range and better capabilities to deal with advanced threats.”

“These experiences paved the way for the system to enter the operational service in the Navy, where the missiles will be integrated into the existing (Sa’ar-5) warships and in the new missile ships of the type (Sa’ar-6) that will reach the Navy during  the coming months, and during the successful tests, a missile of this type was launched towards a ship that simulated an enemy ship,” he said.

“These experiences are considered a qualitative step in the process of developing and expanding the capabilities of the Navy, in order to preserve the superiority of the IDF in the maritime domain,” Adraee added.


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