Monday, October 19, 2020

Artsakh women protest outside UN Armenia office in Yerevan

Artsakh women protest outside UN Armenia office in Yerevan

Women from Artsakh are holding a rally outside the United Nations Office in downtown Yerevan on October 19, demanding an appropriate reaction from the international community for the Turkish-backed Azerbaijani war of aggression with the involvement of militants from jihadist organizations.

Oct 19. 2020.


  “We have left our husbands, fathers and brothers at the frontlin. We’ve gathered here today, demanding to stop the war, and we are voicing about the war crimes that Turkey and Azerbaijan are now committing in Artsakh. We want the United Nations Armenia representative to meet with us and hear us out,” said Irina Safaryan, one of the demonstrators

50 minutes after the launch monthe initiative, 3 participants of the demonstration were allowed to enter the building.
One of the participant coming out of a meeting with a representative of the UN office, announced that Sharp was not there.
"We have agreed that, at our demand, we will come again at 17:00. If necessary, we will wait for 15 days because we have nowhere to go," she added.