Thursday, October 1, 2020

President of Montenegro: “I will not resign”


Oct 1, 2020


He stated that he always tried to unconditionally respect what is the constitutional and legal system of Montenegro.

"I am a man who has held public office in the state of Montenegro for more than 30 years. As you know, all those 30 years I have had fierce competition, and I would say, often inappropriate criticism from that competition. Very often accusations have come against me. from other, mostly regional addresses, most often from Belgrade, but also from the pro-Belgrade opposition in Montenegro, so I'm not afraid, because I know how I worked and I know that I've always tried to unconditionally respect what is constitutional and legal system of Montenegro, so that my status as a citizen does not depend on the political power in Montenegro", Djukanović stated.

Djukanovic said that he experienced no decline in Montenegro on August 30, because after 30 years in power, the DPS, together with its coalition partners, won one mandate less than the new parliamentary majority.

"So, we can really say that no unworthy outcome for pro-European policy in Montenegro has happened. I would say, what happens in Montenegro usually happens in democratic societies," Djukanovic said.

Djukanovic says that those who won the majority in the elections said that a victory would change the strategic course of Montenegro.

Everything that is happening in these months after the parliamentary elections shows, as Djukanovic says, the tendency of the people who lead the winning coalition to, in fact, correct what their pre-election announcements were.

"As a responsible and state-oriented opposition, we have announced that their policy will have our support as the strongest opposition party for everything representing the continuity of the fight for new values. So, for civil Montenegro, for multiethnic democracy and for the European system of values
​​in Montenegro", Djukanović stated.

"I have a very firm intention to use my mandate to the end."

He reiterated that he will not resign from the position of the President of Montenegro.

"Slightly more than two years of my mandate had passed, and I have a very strong intention to use my mandate to the end, in order to benefit the state I am heading," Djukanovic said.

Djukanovic also replied that there was no delay in proposing prime ministers.

"The deadline provided by the Constitution for that is one month, and I think that not even seven days have passed since that deadline, therefore, we can hardly talk about delays, we especially cannot talk about violating the deadlines provided by the Constitution and the law. So, there is no doubt that I will do my job within the set deadline and that the candidate for the position of prime minister, who will have the signatures of 41 deputies in the Montenegrin parliament, will receive a mandate for the composition of the government from me, as the President of Montenegro", President Djukanovic said.