Thursday, October 22, 2020

Serbia: Military’s first live fire exercise with Chinese Drone

Oct 22, 2020.


Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin attended the first live fire exercise with a Chinese-made drone at the Nikinci training grounds on Wednesday.

Vulin and deputy Chief of Staff Major General Petar Cvetkovic observed the flight and live fire at targets on the ground from the CH-29A drone, a Defense Ministry press release said.  

The outgoing Defense Minister is quoted as saying that modern warfare is a high tech affair with the use of remote controlled platforms, adding that this was the reason why the Serbian military purchased the Chinese drones with the FT-8C missile.

“This is the first time that we had live fire with a laser guided missile at the Nikinci grounds and it was successful. The Army of Serbia has acquired another capability. We are keeping up with the best, the latests and the 353rd Recon Squadron got an important piece of equipment as did our Air Force and AA Defense Every Dinar invested in technology, modernization and the purchase of combat equipment is well invested into something that protects the lives of our soldiers,” he said.  

Vulin said that the purchase is a kind of transfer of technology because the purchase includes know how which Serbian engineers can use. He said the drone and accompanying equipment will be introduced into the military once the final tests are completed.  

Also present at the exercise were Air Force and Air Defense chief Major General Dusko Zarkovic, his deputy commander Brigadier General Zeljko Bilic, the head of the Intelligence and Reconnaissance Directorate Brigadier General Miroljub Cupic and the head of the General Staff Development and Equipment Directorate Brigadier General Milan Popovic.

Source: N1