Friday, April 23, 2021

Three missiles hit near Baghdad airport where US-led coalition is based


April 23, 2021. Greece.



At least three rockets struck near Baghdad's international airport late on Thursday, the Iraqi army said. Sirens sounded at the US "Victory Military Base" inside the airport after the missiles landed nearby. 

On Thursday and Friday night, missiles fell on the military base at Baghdad International Airport, where Iraqi and US forces are stationed.

The missiles were launched from the "Euphrates neighbourhood" near Baghdad airport, southwest of the Iraqi capital.

The sources said the three missiles hit the air base in the part occupied by Iraqi forces, not US forces.

The base is shared by Iraqi and US military personnel participating in the US-led international coalition against Daesh.

For its part, the Iraqi Security Media Cell said that "three missiles fell on the perimeter of Baghdad International Airport", where the first missile collided near the Al-Karkh Central Prison, and the second near the Counter-Terrorism Service Academy.

 He confirmed that no casualties were reported. There were no reports of loss of life or property as a result of the attack, for which neither side has yet claimed responsibility.

Iraqi media reported that the rocket launcher was found west of Baghdad. Meanwhile, Al-Arabiya channel sources said that "eight rocket launchers were found, of which only three were launched at Baghdad airport ... where security forces managed to thwart the rocket launchers. where security forces managed to thwart the firing of five missiles at Baghdad airport".

Iraqi media reported that the missiles that landed near the airport were of the "Katyusha" type. This is the second missile attack on US forces in Iraq in less than a week.

Another military base north of Baghdad was hit by five missiles on Sunday, resulting in five injuries, including three Iraqi soldiers and two foreign contractors.


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