Friday, May 14, 2021

IDF : Seven Israelis Killed, 523 Injured by Rockets Fired from Gaza

May 14, 2021. Greece.

The Israeli army (known also as Israel’s Defence Force (IDF) released a statement today morning that said that seven Israelis were killed and 523 others were injured by rockets that were fired from the Gaza Strip.

It is worth noting that factions of the Palestinian resistance in the Strip are still clashing in fierce confrontations with the Israeli army for the fifth day in a row. 

The clashes broke out on the backdrop of Israeli aggression in the eastern part of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) when the Israeli authorities attempted to evacuate a number of Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood to construct a Talmudic park there.

The IDF tweeted that today, Friday, that the clashes continue clockwise with the Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Yesterday evening the Israeli army said that its air force and land units shelled the northern part of the Strip intensively within the frame against the Islamic resistant groups.

Last Monday, the Israeli forces started targeting the Strip.

The Israeli health authorities revealed that more than 109 people were martyred, among them 28 children along with 621 people injured.

On the other hand, the Palestinian resistant groups targeted numerous vital establishments in Israel such as military bases, factories of chemicals, and airports in Lod and Ramon.

Today, the Palestinian resistance announced targeting Ashkelon, a coastal Palestinian-occupied city with about 100 rockets to respond to Israeli aggression on civilians in Gaza and hitting infrastructure there.

However, sirens wailed incessantly in areas and Israeli towns surrounding the Strip.

Some regional and international parties have attempted to start a truce between the Palestinians and Israelis.

But Israeli media outlets revealed that the Israeli army waits for orders to terminate combatant operations in the Strip in case uncontrollable clashes may break between the Arabs and Jews in the internal parts of Israel behind the green line.