Saturday, June 12, 2021

Turkey has long history of killing; Arabs must unite

Jun 12, 2021. Greece.


 The Lebanese lawyer and political activist of Armenian origin, Hamo Moskavian, said that Erdogan dreams of annexing Southern Kurdistan and parts of Syria and Iraq to the Turkish state, and stressed that the Turkish and Ottoman history is full of killing and destruction of the peoples of the region, and stressed the need for the Arabs to unite in their face and turn into a force that impels the global forces to respect them.

In a special statement to our agency, Moskavian explained that Turkey deals brutally with peoples, just like the Mongols and Tatars, and they participated in the extermination of several civilizations from Central Asia, Iran, Armenia, Georgia and the Middle East.

He said that "Turkey and before the Ottoman Empire has always focused on massacres, looting, and destruction," and stressed that Turkey under Erdogan's regime dreams of including Syria in its modern Ottoman state.

Turkey is always looking forward to destruction and bloodshed

 Photo:Greco-Turkish War (1919–1922)

The Lebanese lawyer and political activist pointed out that Erdogan is trying to kill the Syrians, especially in the north of Syria, who live in peace and friendship with each other from "Kurds, Syriacs, Armenians, Arabs and Yazidis."

He pointed out that Turkey rejects coexistence and peace between peoples and always looks forward to ruin, destruction, looting and extermination of peoples, as they did with the Armenians. Therefore, Erdogan launches attacks on Northern Syria from time to time, explaining that the demographic change taking place in occupied Afrin confirms this, and said: "Turkey’s history is full of Turkey is blood, massacres, prisons and coups."

Attacks on Southern Kurdistan aim to annex it to Turkey

Moskavian touched on the attacks launched by the Turkish occupation on Southern Kurdistan since last April 23, and said that Turkey aims to occupy large parts of Iraq and annex the Kurdistan region to it.

The Lebanese lawyer and political activist of Armenian origin revealed that Turkey's attacks on Southern Kurdistan and its attacks on Shengal are in order to "prevent the establishment of any Kurdish entity."

He explained that the coincidence of the attacks with the anniversary of the genocide committed by the Ottomans against the Armenians, despite Biden's recognition of it, is a message to Biden and everyone that they (Turkey) are "interested in massacres and genocides and no one cares about them."

Arabs must unite because Turkish attacks are not directed against Kurds only

Moskavian called on the Arabs to understand that the Turkish attacks are not only directed against the Kurds in Syria and Iraq, but are directed against the Arab nation as a whole, and therefore they must unite, pointing out that with their union, Turkey will not dare to launch any attack or invade any areas.

He added: "The Arabs should unite to face the danger. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers originate from the mountains of Armenia historically, but the Turks unjustly and aggressively seized them and built dams on them and started manipulating the waters that they have no right to, taking advantage of the difficult conditions and cutting off the waters from Northern Syria and Iraq to ignite strife between the Arab countries through which water passes without any Arab objection.

'We must not depend on international powers, but rather we must become a force that forces them to respect us'

Hamo Moskavian

He pointed out that there is one thing that cannot be overlooked, which is that Turkey is the second military power in NATO, and said: "Therefore we cannot rely on America, Russia and France, but rather we must rely on ourselves and unite all of us in the region to become a force that forces all the great and regional countries to respect us, and therefore programs and conferences must be made to unite all the forces and peoples of the region, to stop the barbaric Turkish attacks.”

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