Monday, July 26, 2021

Albania: US Ambassador says citizens should be more demanding to their rulers and government


Yuri Kim in Pusneci at MIK Festival

July 26, 2021. Greece.

 US Ambassador Yuri Kim says institutions have begun to fulfill their responsibilities and that citizens should be more demanding of their elected representatives.

From Pusteci where she attended the cultural activity "MIK Festival", Ambassador Kim said that the reform is moving forward, despite not being at the expected speed.

"I think the reform is moving forward, slowly, more slowly than we would like, but it is definitely a push forward, […] people need to be more demanding of the government, of their elected representatives […] Now is the time to push forward. Do not give up! ” - said the ambassador.

The American diplomat urged citizens not to give up believing that justice reform will change the country. Asked by Euronews Albania whether or not we are going to catch the big fish having in mind the latest developments, Kim answered that she is not a prosecutor.

"I am a diplomat, I am not a prosecutor, I am neither a fisherman nor a judge, I am just a diplomat," Kim said, adding that according to her, the institutions are showing that they are fulfilling their responsibilities.

"[…] They [Institutions] know what their responsibilities are and I think they are starting to fulfill these responsibilities. Let’s support them, keep looking and see where we go!” - appealed the ambassador.

Kim said that in addition to the reform, the nature and culture of Albanians give hope that the country will move forward.