Monday, August 2, 2021

Woman, child wounded in Turkish bombardment of Syria’s Tel Tamr


Aug 2, 2021. Greece.


On Monday, shelling by the Turkish army and armed opposition factions on the countryside of Syria’s Tel Tamr wounded a woman and one of her children as they attempted to flee the bombardment.

Since the morning hours, civilian-populated villages in the countryside of Tel Tamr have witnessed violent bombardment by Turkish forces and their affiliated armed opposition factions.

A military source in the Tel Tamr Military Council said that Turkish forces and the opposition factions targeted the villages of al-Dardara, Qabr al-Qarajneh, al-Mujaybara and Ain al-Abd, east of the town of Tel Tamr, with artillery and mortar shells.

According to the source, about ten shells fell on the aforementioned villages and their surroundings, causing a new wave of displacement among civilians who sought refuge in the villages and neighboring areas.

As a result of the bombing, Aisha al-Hassan and her child Hussein Salem were wounded while they were trying to flee from the village of Ain Al-Abd in the eastern Tel Tamr countryside, and were transferred to a hospital in the town.

This comes four days after the Turkish army targeted the village of al-Dardara in the countryside of Tel Tamr, the third time that the Turkish army and armed factions targeted the countryside of Tel Tamr within a week.

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