Monday, October 18, 2021

Following Erdogan's remarks, Assad sent artillery and tanks to Aleppo


 Oct 18, 2021. Greece.

 SOHR activists have reported the arrival of military reinforcement brought by regime forces to the frontlines with the Turkish-backed National Army in the northern countryside of Aleppo. 

The recently-arrived reinforcement, included artillery pieces and tanks (T-90). This development coincided with the Turkish threats of launching a military operation in north and north-east Syria region.

 SOHR sources reported earlier today that the command of Turkish forces in Syria has ordered its proxy factions to raise their readiness and put on high alert. These orders came in light of statements by the Turkish president and reports by Turkish government’s media outlets regarding imminent battle against the “terrorists” in north Syria region.

 On the other hand, SOHR activists reported renewed artillery fire by Turkish forces on Kurdish-held areas, as the shells hit positions in al-Malikiyah and Qalaat al-Shawarghah villages in northern Aleppo. However, no casualties were reported.