Sunday, November 28, 2021

Mass protests in Serbia over recent laws on referendum and expropriation


Nov 28, 2021. Greece.

Environmental activists gathered in Belgrade on Saturday, blocking traffic for an hour at the Gazela Bridge over the recently adopted laws on referendum and expropriation. Protests also are taking place in Novi Sad, Preljina, near Kragujevac and other places.

In Novi Sad, activists clashed with police and several of them were detained.

The clash erupted when police tried to move protesters to one side of the local Duga Bridge so cars could pass across.
Activist Brajan Brkovic told N1 that seven or eight activists were detained in Novi Sad, including one of the protest organizers, Miran Pogacar.

Citizens are chanting „Treason” and “Serbia is not for sale.”

The protest comes in light of Serbia’s Parliament passing a new Law on Expropriation, which critics argued enables the forcible seizing people’s property that may be in the way of Government projects.

Opponents said it is inadmissible for the Government to have a discretionary right to non-transparently declare projects of particular importance without prescribed criteria, thus making it the basis for property expropriation.

On the other hand, the Government claims the amendments to the Law on Expropriation additionally define the cases and users of expropriation, shorten the deadlines in the process, resolve the issue of illegal property in appropriation and define the administrative transfer.

An incident occurred in Sabac as well during the blocking of roads. A person operating an excavator refused to stop and drove through a group of protesters, which resulted in a fight.